Many business and commercial decisions have significant tax implications, and it is often difficult to commit to a particular decision or investment without first having undertaken a careful tax evaluation or comparative study of the tax impact of alternative structures. This is particularly relevant where there are cross-border considerations, parties from multiple jurisdictions involved, or multiple business options available.

We provide an overview of the tax position in a particular country and assist with tax filings. We are well-positioned to provide tax compliance support and tax advisory services for more complex transactions through our network of regional offices and consultants including tax experts.

Our tax services include:

  • Preparation of income tax returns and tax computations for companies and individuals and assistance in filing the same with the tax authorities by the statutory filing deadlines
  • Advice on, preparation and submission of tax returns for value added tax / sales tax / goods and services tax
  • Assistance in the application for certificates of tax residence
  • Calculation of and arranging payment of stamp duty on relevant transactions
  • Guidance on the conditions to be satisfied to obtain relief from stamp duty (where relevant exemptions apply)
  • Handling of tax queries from the tax authorities in relation to taxpayers’ tax affairs
  • Tax planning to legally minimize tax liability
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